Experienced drivers feel dimensions of the car intuitively. But if you recently got behind the wheel, then naturally you are just beginning to adapt to the active traffic on the road and to his car. Beginner directly from the salon, and even without any visible markings it's hard enough to feel the dimensions of the car. Remember that in order to understand where does any part of your machine, it is not necessary to stretch and look at her. The sense of size comes with experience. But there are recommendations that need to be considered if you need to pass in a narrow place or in a confined space to Park.
Most inexperienced drivers on the road can be distinguished by their strongly desire to pull the neck. They strive in front of the car to even see the asphalt. They are confident that it will be much easier to control the distance to the other vehicle. However on the road you can't see yourself under the wheels, just look for the future. In this case, note that there is a bumper that slightly protrudes. Distance to the nearest obstacles, observe the subject of the bumper. If you find it difficult to understand where it ends, then try to punch it in the end of the antenna.
When reversing the car feel even more difficult. On the hatchback, try the guide to take back the brush. The sedan better embed the antenna in the rear bumper. And when Parking, try to adjust the mirrors so that they reflect the wheels. It will be easier to calculate the distance to the obstacle.
On the side view mirrors is very easy to define the lateral dimensions of the machine body. To do this, just focus on the outermost part of the mirror.
If in dense traffic you need to regroup, then in this situation it is very important not to catch the rider in a car. View in side mirror. If it car is completely visible, then you should not worry and start to rebuild. But if the mirror reflects only part of the car, it means that he has already approached too close to you.