The choice of color underwear

As a rule, transparent blouses prefer to wear slim women to highlight their forms. Blouse will look impressive only if properly matched to her underwear. Stylists claim that are particularly relevant such clothing will be on a summer day and in the evening.

Under transparent clothing need to wear bras in Nude. If a woman wants to be dressed up and sexy, but it does not go beyond decency, she should opt for a translucent lace blouse and up under her linen beige.

Few people know that the selection of bra beige color, it is very important to its hue match skin tone. Underwear should be completely invisible. Looks very sloppy the way in which a lace or chiffon blouse matched linen, very well observed under clothing. Most fashion stylists believes that this is simply unacceptable.

Younger and flawless slender person can afford to choose the linen tonal sheer blouse. For example, under the black lace clothes you can wear black lingerie. For teenage girls going to a disco or a youth party, it is also possible to combine a transparent blouse with a contrasting colour bra.
In some companies, wearing sheer blouses to work is prohibited. As a rule, these organizations have a certain dress code, to violate which is strongly discouraged.

The choice of the model of the bra

Order transparent blouse look feminine and sexy underwear that a woman wears at the same time with lace or chiffon clothing, should be of high quality and expensive. It is desirable that it was combined with the material of which is sewn blouse. To lace the clothes fit lace bras and sheer chiffon things combined with more simple models.

If a woman wants to look sexy, but at the same time, it can be worn under the blouse a little more coverage. For these purposes, perfect tank top. Especially attractive is a white translucent blouse with t-shirts in white. Black blouse you need to wear only with black shirts.
Most men admit that they think women in transparent clothing is incredibly sexy. The main thing that the fairer sex still remained a mystery.

If a woman still opted for the bra, it is necessary to choose its size, so he was not overly loose, but not cut into the body. It is possible if you choose too tight underwear. When choosing a bra, it is better to opt for a more closed models. Transparent blouse itself is a very bold piece of clothing. Combine it with a very open bra, which can be seen in the nipple, is highly undesirable.