The combination is a lingerie, or rather shirt, which is worn under dress. This is done mainly in order to make the dress fit better. On top combination outfit will not be collected pleats and stick to the body. All combinations necessarily have adjacent cut. As a rule, they are made of thin, transparent and translucent fabrics. Often the texture combination is a very fine mesh. The best combinations are made of natural fabrics: silk. The advantage of this fabric: lightweight, strong, longitude, socks and convenience. Of course, you can purchase a combination of cotton or synthetic fibers. Typically, this model is much cheaper than silk.

The most common colour combinations of Nude and black. Bodily combination is perfect under light dresses and outfits with a print. From a simple shirt combination has a fine and delicate straps, narrow waist and widening towards the bottom. The sexy accessory is sometimes indispensable for transparent clothes: skirts, dresses, tops.

Combination, made of thick and elastic fabric, has a slimming effect. Top this combination necessarily match the top of the dress cut and neckline. When choosing the combination to any sophisticated dress is better to take it with you to the lingerie store. Often a woman is hard sometimes to find a combination under a strapless dress. Because the upper part needs to be tighter: it performs the role of attachment on the body. Plus, such a combination is necessary and the role of the bra.

The average length of a combination - mid-thigh. These models are very comfortable to wear like short dresses or long evening toilets. Some combinations can be slit, lace inserts, rhinestones or embroidery in contrast with the main color. Wearing even a very simple combination, it is possible to make an image of a very feminine, graceful and unique. However, in the 1980's, the region combination, a Flirty peek-a-Boo from under the skirt, was considered vulgar tone. Of course, such negligence is unacceptable in the office to this day.

Although initially the combination is designed to be worn under the dress, it can be easily used as a sexy night shirt. In this case it is better to choose a model of natural fabrics. Every woman knows that a fully Nude she will never be so seductive, partially clad.

The word combination comes from the Latin combinato: it makes me think of beauty and luxury, Dating, and romantic evenings. A true woman must have several options of combinations in your wardrobe that Express her individuality and mood.