Transparent blouse business style

Transparent chiffon blouse is a great alternative to boring cotton shirts. Sweater is wonderful dilute strict office will make you more feminine and romantic. In order not to introduce confusion in the head male counterparts, pick up the thing correctly and competently complete your work ensemble.

For labor day that will suit blouses in classic colours. For example, elegant and modest look brown, black, beige product. Also note the chiffon jackets with simple prints: polka dots or thin stripes.
Choosing a transparent blouse for the office, refrain from the complex prints and bright colors. Stripes and polka dots also should choose low-key. For example, pastel or classic colors.

Under a transparent blouse pick the right bra or shirt. The best option is linen beige colour, without any decoration. This bottom is perfect under blouses all colors. If the black sweater you can wear identical color underwear/t-shirt. Over sheer blouses in the event it is necessary to use a jacket.

Transparency at every day

Transparent jackets are a great item of casual style. In this case, combinations of much more. Also a wider selection of blouses: let in your wardrobe with bright colors and unusual prints.

A gentle way will help to create sweaters in pastel shades: pink, peach, beige, ivory, etc. better for them to choose identical or similar colored underwear. A great option would be an elegant or a retro bustier-bra. As the bottom can be layered puffy skirt, shorts, skinny pants. Also the transparent jacket can be combined with simple dresses simple cut.
Spectacular bras in retro style – the perfect base under a transparent blouse. This underwear looks impressive, but not pretentious or vulgar. You will feel beautiful and stylish girl.

More passion to your image add a transparent jackets of bright colors. Red and orange blouse safely combine with a dark bottom. The color of the pants/skirt and pick a top/shirt. The jacket fastened, not completely, but only for a few bottom buttons. The most glamorous colors: black, dark blue, graphite. Combined with intense shades they will make your image bold.

If honesty is not your Forte, combine sheer blouses usual. For example, wear them on top of concise slim shirts, tight shirts. In the color ratio choose contrasting combinations: yellow with black, red and beige, blue and orange. Monochrome combinations are best to be only with blouse light/pastel colors.