You will need
    • Frozen meat
    • salt
    • spices
    • egg
    • breadcrumbs
    • vegetable oil.
Before cooking frozen meat, it should be kept at room temperature until thawing. Despite the fact that many families had a microwave oven simplifies the process of thawing, it is best to get the meat out of the freezer in advance. Often in the microwave the top part of the pulp obvalivautsya and loses its appearance. If defrosting meat in water, then it will be more dry as all the juices will go into the water.
Once the meat defrosts, it remains to decide what you will prepare. The choice of recipe depends on quality meat. From the pulp the best turn chops; if the quality of the meat is not too perfect, the easiest way to cook the patties. Naturally, you first need to rid the meat from the bones, if any, and carefully to wash out.
Grind the resulting pulp into pieces that will fit into the grinder. Simultaneously clean and chop some onions. Scrolling through the flesh and onion through a meat grinder, add to the minced salt, spices, an egg or a piece of white bread soaked in milk. Mix homogeneous mince and vilaite from it cutlets of desired size.
Roll cutlets in breadcrumbs and fry on each side in hot oil for five minutes. To ready product from the frozen meat can be brought in an oven or by sautéing in a skillet or saucepan. Similarly, you can roast whole pieces of meat and also roll them in breadcrumbs or flour.