Advice 1: How to cook frozen meat

The rule that it is best to cook from fresh products, not valid on dishes from the frozen meat. Subject to the rules of storage, it fully preserves all its useful properties and allows to realize any recipes without compromising their quality.
How to cook frozen meat
You will need
    • Frozen meat
    • salt
    • spices
    • egg
    • breadcrumbs
    • vegetable oil.
Before cooking frozen meat, it should be kept at room temperature until thawing. Despite the fact that many families had a microwave oven simplifies the process of thawing, it is best to get the meat out of the freezer in advance. Often in the microwave the top part of the pulp obvalivautsya and loses its appearance. If defrosting meat in water, then it will be more dry as all the juices will go into the water.
Once the meat defrosts, it remains to decide what you will prepare. The choice of recipe depends on quality meat. From the pulp the best turn chops; if the quality of the meat is not too perfect, the easiest way to cook the patties. Naturally, you first need to rid the meat from the bones, if any, and carefully to wash out.
Grind the resulting pulp into pieces that will fit into the grinder. Simultaneously clean and chop some onions. Scrolling through the flesh and onion through a meat grinder, add to the minced salt, spices, an egg or a piece of white bread soaked in milk. Mix homogeneous mince and vilaite from it cutlets of desired size.
Roll cutlets in breadcrumbs and fry on each side in hot oil for five minutes. To ready product from the frozen meat can be brought in an oven or by sautéing in a skillet or saucepan. Similarly, you can roast whole pieces of meat and also roll them in breadcrumbs or flour.
Frozen meat will be no less tasty than fresh, but it will save time Housewives, which at hand will always be the product from which you can cook any dish.
Useful advice
When you deep freeze the meat successfully stored for six months. If the temperature in the freezer is 18 degrees, about the safety of the meat can not worry.

Advice 2: How to cook in a skillet

The skillet is convenient for preparing different types of food dishes that are quite different from the usual pots and pans. Recipes for casserole can be more than diverse, it is important to understand how it works.
How to cook in a skillet

The pot and all that Sneem connected features of this cookware

In appearance it resembles a flat pot with thick walls and bottom, but the diameter to a greater extent similar to the pan. Due to the thick walls and bottom, the temperature inside is distributed evenly, providing the perfect braising under cover, also helping to remain liquid inside of those recipes where it is necessary to achieve a harmonious taste. The type of materials used and the inner coating of the pots may vary, but the dishes are equally tasty in casseroles, steel and stainless steel. If the inner coating non-stick saucepan, you can use it the same way as a similar pan that has a minimum amount of fat when cooking.

What dishes in the casserole you can cook

Limitations in recipes, in principle, there is no food in the skillet may be more than a variety. You can find information about that if you want the pot really cook, even soup, if for some reason the pan turned out to be unavailable. Among the things to cook in a pot are rice, stews, porridges with addition of vegetables and meat, meatballs, or any other semi-finished products with the addition of sauce. Separately, you can use a saucepan and for making themselves sauces or gravies without worrying about what they will boil over the edge, as can occur when using conventional pans. No less successful in the skillet you can fry all kinds of meat and semi-finished products from minced meat, and use it with enough vegetable oil for cooking effect of frying, be it pasties or a portion of fries.

The rules of cooking

Difficulties with how to cook in a casserole, does not exist. Simple rules only depend on what result you want to get. If you want the products was smooth and Golden, then cover the pot when cooking is not being used. Burgers, or other meat products are fried at a fairly high heat on both sides. In the case where the recipes involve braising, saute pan with a lid and dish is cooked on low heat for necessary for cooking the selected amount of food time. The convenience of a casserole in this case is that the first foods you can fry and then stew. On a similar principle very tasty dumplings, stew or pilaf with meat.
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