If you have bought uncleaned squid, before cooking they will have defrosted. Do it best in a natural way. Put the carcass squid in a bowl and wait until they thaw. If time is short, the seafood can be placed in cool water, but in any case not boiling water, because hot water squid can lose all its useful and taste properties. Thawed squid clean from the pink pelts and chitin membrane, remove the innards. To cleaning held easier, boil the carcass with boiling water.
For the convenience of Housewives, the majority of manufacturers supply to the market cleaned squid frozen. They can be boiled without defrosting. To do this, place the carcass for a minute in boiling and salted water the carcass of the squid, remove the pan from the heat and leave the product in boiling water for ten minutes. Then remove the squid from the water, cool and use as directed.
Cleaned squid is still better to cook with a preliminary defrosting. Thawed carcasses down for ten seconds in boiling water. then remove, allow the squid to cool down before cooking meals.
You can also cook the defrosted squid methods for cooking frozen. Only instead of a minute only a couple of seconds.
To cook frozen squid, in addition to salt add water favorite spices. It could be Bay leaf, pepper, coriander, parsley and others.