One of the known methods of determining the availability of meat is a method to compare the soft parts of the palm and meat. Relax your hand and open your hand. Identify the soft area between the thumb and the middle of the palm (small bump) and click on it with the index finger of the other hand. This will be raw meat.
Close the tips of the thumb and index finger. So will red meat.
Connect the tips of the thumb and ring finger and press on the soft area. This will be the meat of medium rare.
Connecting the tip of the thumb and little finger, you will determine what the touch has to be the roasted meat.
To determine the readiness of meat can be by how long it was cooked. If you will fry the meat for one minute on each side, it will be meat with the blood, despite the fact that the top crust is formed.
If you fry a piece of meat for two minutes on each side, we get the meat from the outer crust and pink fibers inside.
With three minutes of frying the meat turns medium rare.
To get well-cooked meat, you need to fry it for five minutes on each side.
Such parameters are suitable for a piece with a thickness of about 2 see If you took a thicker piece of meat, add for every inch in one minute. For example, to prepare a fully-cooked meat with a width of 3 cm, it is necessary to make five, and six minutes on each side.
To determine the readiness of meat you can color the allocated juice. Pierce a piece of meat with a fork or sharp knife. If the allocated juice cloudy or blood - meat is still raw. If the juice is clear - the meat is well fried. Do not pierce the meat often, otherwise it will lose all the juices that will not affect its taste.