Harmfully or it is useful to sunbathe in a Solarium? On the one hand, our body cannot function properly without vitamin D, which is produced only under the influence of ultraviolet rays. On the other hand, long-term radiation can cause cancer of the skin. How is it to be?

The dangers of Solarium

– Too long sessions in the Solarium can cause painful skin burns.
– Frequent long exposures there is a risk of degeneration of moles in cancers.
Ultraviolet radiation negatively affects the top layer of the skin, contributing to premature aging and the appearance of pigment spots.
– Disrupts the structure of hair, they become brittle.

Use of the Solarium

– Calcium and phosphorus for our bones and brain, are well absorbed in combination with vitamin D. to Obtain this vitamin in pill form or food is impossible, since it is produced by sunlight on the skin.
In the cold season, many people lack the warmth of the sun, the Solarium is the only way out of winter depression.
Ultraviolet radiation disinfects and dries the skin, reducing the number and size of pimples.
– The skin takes on a beautiful bronze shade.

Summing up

Cons of a Solarium if you want to easily balanced by its advantages. Doctors are allowed to sunbathe in the Solarium, but it should be done wisely.
– To pursue a course of tanning can be no more than two times a year. One course includes 5-10 sessions lasting no more than 20 minutes.
– It is not recommended to sunbathe every day. Better to do it 2 times a week.
– Carefully choose the salon. If you have any slightest doubt in compliance with health standards, or the novelty of the equipment, find another Solarium.
– During the first visit to consult with the consultant. Let you conduct training, assist with the selection of cosmetics and determine the duration of the session.
– Be sure to use goggles, body cream and pads for the breast.
– You can not use the Solarium if the skin lesions are present in the form of ulcers, rashes, cuts, as well as "growing" moles.
– Before visiting the Solarium, do not use perfumes and creams. Perfume can cause skin irritation, and the cream clogged in pores, causing inflammation.

Summing up, remember the principle of "Everything in moderation". If you follow simple guidelines and not abuse the sun damage from tanning will be minimal.