To understand whether you love your cat, you need to observe her behavior. There are several signals that the pet takes the favorite hosts, for example, purring. If your cat starts to publish the characteristic sounds, meeting you or sitting on your lap, you can be sure, she treats you with true tenderness.
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Please note that cat sitting on your lap. If it is not just purring, but still goes through front paws, as if to trample on the spot, this is a sure sign of her passionate love and devotion. This behavior is called "milk step". Kittens thus Express their love for Mama-cat.
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Can be sure the warm feelings of your cat, if she rubs you on the head and sides. Who got the cat so snuggle is not. Watch does so only when the animal wants to eat or at other times too. The behavior in the second case speaks about the special location of the animal to you.
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No offense to the cat, if she likes to play with your hair, even sometimes scratching the skin of your head, or lick them. If it is faithful, but the proud animal was doing your hair, it means she considers you a member of their family. So you can be sure the cat loves you as much as you do her.
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Correctly interpret the behavior of your pet. If the cat's paw touches your face in the morning, it doesn't mean it out of spite does not allow you to sleep. Maybe she's just very bored or scared, no matter how you slept. And when a cat living in a private home, having the ability to walk and hunt, brings in master bed mice and birds, so she cares for the people.
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Do not impose their society cat. If it is not configured to play or cuddle, leave that animal alone. Otherwise, the cat will begin to avoid you and will not be able to show their love. Wait until your favorite she will come to you and ask for Pat.
Consider the personality of your cat. Not all of them are affectionate and playful. It happens that eschews animal owners and prefers to spend time alone. To understand how this cat alone applies to you, see does it among other family members or guests. The very fact that attempts to pet her she hisses at you like the others, can talk about its specific location.
See how a cat behaves when you get home. An animal that loves you, and will always run to the door, only hearing your footsteps. A loving cat will Express their feelings, with his tail pipe and pulling it with the tip. This behavior suggests that the animal just in awe of the fact that they came her favorite people.