Jewelry made from this popular precious metal, as gold, is almost all. However, not everyone knows how to care for them, to maintain their impeccable glow and Shine.

Why gold loses its appearance

Why gold jewelry over time loses its original beauty? The fact that they are composed of various metal impurities, such as copper, zinc and Nickel, and sometimes silver. These metals are oxidized, subjected to influence of air, water and other external factors. This articles of gold fade.

In addition, the jewelry accumulates dust and other contaminants. Dasha sweat trapped on decoration, can have a detrimental effect on its external condition. Probably many of you know that gold is a quite soft metal, so it can easily scratch or even deform. Especially this is subject to gold rings. Don't worry, because simple rules of socks, cleaning and care of gold jewelry will make it easy to get rid of most of the problems associated with appearance products.

How to clean gold jewelry

Cleaning of gold – a rather laborious process. Often, small ornaments and various decorative elements greatly complicates the procedure. That is why you should know a couple of proven recipes for cleaners for gold jewelry.

You will need 1 Cup of water and teaspoon of liquid soap. At the bottom of a small capacity, you have to put a piece of soft cloth, pour warm water and add soap. On the bottom, place your gold items, they must fully be in the water. Now put the pan on the fire and boil them for five minutes. After the procedure wipe decoration soft felt cloth.

You will need a teaspoon of ammonia, the same of liquid soap and a Cup of hot water. Combine all ingredients in a glass container and place in the resulting solution was made of gold. Leave them so for about two hours. Then rinse with clean running water and wipe with a soft cloth.

How to wear gold?

Don't forget to remove jewelry before you shower, exercise or cook dinner. So it is possible to avoid excessive contact with moisture and dirt. Keep your jewelry does not get various cosmetic products, especially perfumes. This can lead to unwanted chemical reactions. And, of course, should avoid mechanical damage, friction and shock. These simple rules will allow to preserve the original beauty of your jewelry, let them Shine.