Cleaning gold. To the gold quickly faded you should not wear it on myself all day. While working on the farm, bath, gold jewelry better off. Especially if you want to work with aggressive mediums (bleach) or abrasives. Clear gold from the RAID and return him to Shine in the following ways:- Dilute in a glass of water a spoonful of detergent and soak in it golde product is about half an hour;- Mix of ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and liquid detergent in equal proportions. This solution put the gold in 5 minutes. After rinse it under running water and towel dry. This method is suitable for removing heavy dirt. Avoid getting the solution on the skin and mucosa to cause burns;- For the night put the jewelry in a solution of sugar. Then rinse in clean water. This procedure will help to give the gold glitter, but the pollution will not deliver.
Cleaning the stones. Every time after wearing, jewelry with stones should be cleaned with a suede or flannel cloth. These wipes usually wipe the glasses, so you can buy them in the near optics. Stones with a hardness less than 5 on the Mohs scale, including stones of organic origin (coral, amber, pearls) need delicate handling. To clean them, you have the following compositions:- cleaning solution for the kitchen without abrasive or soapy water;- highly diluted ethyl alcohol with ammonia;- to wipe rubbing alcohol - sugar solution. Hard stones (diamonds, chrysolites, emeralds, aquamarines, sapphires) attract grease and dust by friction, they lose their luster. To return to its former greatness, enough to wipe the brush with soap and rinse with water. Be cleaning very fine abrasive compounds that do not are able to scratch the hard stone.
If jewellery is very dirty and you can't get rid of dirt, take them to a jewelry store. There they were cleaned in an ultrasonic bath, then be sure to apply a special mineral oil, which penetrates into the smallest cracks on the surface of the stone, and then it sparkles like new.