You will need
  • Ammonia
  • Sugar
  • Tooth powder (toothpaste)
  • Lipstick
  • Cotton pads
There are many ways to clean gold in the home environment. But before you apply them, remember that gold jewellery with stones should be cleaned very carefully. The first method of cleaning is using ammonia. To do this, dissolve the ammonia in water (about 6-7 drops in a glass of water), put on some time, the gold into the solution and then retrieve the jewelry and wipe with a dry flannel.
The following method is very simple. You need to make a saturated solution of sugar and put it in gold ornaments for 12 hours. After that, gold should be well washed and wiped dry.
The third method of purification of gold is very unusual. As a cleaning means performs an ordinary lipstick. To do this, put lipstick on a cotton pad and Polish their ornaments.
The fourth method is also very easy, and most importantly, always have the components you need in your home. To clean gold, you need to take toothpaste (you can also use tooth powder) and brush decoration. It is most convenient to clean them the old toothbrush. After that, the jewelry should be rinsed under running water and wipe dry.