After much deliberation finally decided. But the question arises: what better time to get a dog? What time of year it is best to purchase a puppy? The question, though rhetorical, but many want to know and to be sure, not to be mistaken. Purchasing a puppy is not easy and does not tolerate ill-considered decisions
Experts advise to buy a puppy in the spring. But most importantly, he was born in the winter, because the autumn puppies have become much more difficult to get used to the new owners. Dry and warm weather in the spring and summer period you'll be able to walk, housebreak, exercise training. Over the summer, the puppy is not only older, but stronger and will be fully prepared for winter walks. In addition, he will get a lot of vitamins, sunlight, which have a beneficial effect on its further development.
The decision to purchase a puppy the important thing is not when to start, and under what conditions. Are you ready for the fact that with the advent of the puppy, you will have many duties which related to his education? Yes, in order for the dog not turned to you a burden which you are not ready, you need to consider a few rules:
1. You should have enough free time to train the dog. Before purchasing an animal and leaving it for a long time, a single you can educate pet complex unnecessary;
2. Dogs are different: large and small. And if the little dog only requires care, large dogs also need training and education;
3. The new owners need to be prepared that the puppy may at first to spoil the appearance of the furniture, defecate in non designated location or dirty floors;
4. The dogs require large money expenses. It and nutrition, and treatment by veterinarians;
5. Do not purchase a dog as a toy for your child. The child can help to care for a pet, but the bulk of the work will still fall on the shoulders of the adult members of the family.
6. The dog becomes your companion for years to come, and it should not be forgotten.
When choosing a puppy, pay close attention to his appearance, a baby should be plump and shiny hair. At the age of 50 days, the puppy is ready for independent existence without a mother.
By following these small tips, you will experience only positive emotions from the purchase of the dog. And it will be for you a real friend, not a burden.