Ask at the service station a copy of the workshop's certificate and a certificate stating that the purchased item is defective or just not suited to the car.
Contact the seller of the automobile, presenting a cheque for the purchase of spare parts and help service stations within fourteen days from the date of purchase. Write a statement about the complaint. The sample is obliged to give the seller. Attach to the application a check and help STO. Present purchased part.
If the part was incorrectly chosen by the seller, the shop is obliged to replace it with "correct" or your money back. The returned parts must meet certain requirements: it must meet consumer quality, it should be no traces of the installation, the package must not be torn, stained. If the part is defective or does not match the number on the packaging, the shop is obliged to return the money or exchange it for another (of your choice). In other cases it can only be exchanged.
Keep in mind that the store wouldn't take the part back if it was bought on order. We are not accept return of non-conforming items (which the buyer must notify the purchase) and electrical equipment.
If you bought the part was ordered by catalogue, please fill out the return in accordance with article 26.1 of the Law on consumer protection within seven days from the date of purchase. If the information about the order and timing of the refund was not provided at the time of purchase in writing, the parts can be returned within three months.
Get the money for the returned part within ten days from the date of submission of the application or claims. Refund parts purchased by catalogue, produced in an amount reduced by the costs of store delivery from customer returned parts.