Look at the back panel of your system unit. There you will find many entrances to various boards, among which the need to find a sound card. It has a lot of nests, each of which is marked by specific color, which greatly simplifies the task. Please note, when you attach the subwoofer to the computerthat it plugs also have a certain color, probably matching the color of the connectors of the sound card.
Assemble the device. For this you need to unpack the entire kit and connected through corresponding switching all speakers set directly to the subwoofer. Next, plug it in and place the switch in the "On" position. After that, connect the plug of the subwoofer into the corresponding color slot of the sound card. It may be a situation that matches the color you will not find. Under each nest painted a small picture or inscription explaining its purpose. Way socket designed to connect the speaker system. As a rule, it is marked with the words "Line out". After finding it, connect the subwoofer would be easy enough.
Adjust the subwoofer. To make it simple enough. After you have connected the whole system to the sound card, your monitor will appear the dialog box control the settings of the sound card. Will be offered several options for the operation of the subwoofer output to center channel output to side speaker output on the rear speakers. You will also see settings for line input and microphone. At the moment they do not interest you. Check the box next to the option "Output on the Central channel". You can assume that you were able to connect to the computer sub.