Dreaming about seeds. General interpretation

After such dreams, you need to think carefully about your plans. The fact that some planned events may be the most unexpected way. If the dreamer eats the seeds the birds, then in reality there is a risk of some material losses. After this dream it is necessary to thoroughly rethink their actions and their activities.

Dream interpretation Hasse about seeds of sunflower

If the dreamer fries sunflower seeds is to the guests. The meeting promises to be a joyous and memorable. If in a dream to nibble them in the warm and Sunny weather, not far off a period of material prosperity.
Dreams unpalatable seeds hold the promise of unexpected losses or errors in certain cases. If the dreamer nibbles spoiled seeds – it speaks to irresponsibility, careless attitude to business.

Family dream about pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a symbol of a long road and the end of any long-term relationships for the benefit of a new and most fruitful. In addition, such dreams are harbingers of the completion of the family that can impact on the lives of young girls. Here you should try to analyze the content of such dreams.

For example, a beautiful and viable seeds, is prosperous to have a child, if the seeds are rotten or defective, the child can be born unhealthy. To reduce the potential risk to a minimum, you must be warned beforehand about their health.

Beautiful, unspoiled pumpkin seeds, dream women and older men, the promise of a prosperous health on the intimate front. If the seed is defective, run-down and rotten, the dreamers need to urgently visit a doctor in order to prevent development of those or other problems in the intimate sphere of their lives.
If the dreamer is not chewing on sunflower seeds, but simply shifts them from hand to hand, the reality he needed to rest, because the workload of different challenges to it.

Sometimes people dream strange pictures. For example, if the dreamer is talking with sunflower or pumpkin seeds, in real life it is almost all provided moral support from friends and family. Perhaps there will be some patron.

Dream Interpretation Of Nostradamus

According to these interpretations, sunflower seeds – a symbol of favorable life change. This suggests that in reality the dreamer will be able to take personal control of these or other financial matters, conducting business events. Clicking in a dream seeds – to get rid of pressing issues. The fact that the owner of the waking dreams tired of the current situation. You need to take a pause, and then with new forces to rush into "battle"!