If had bee

If you dream you saw not one bee, but a swarm or hive, you have all chances to get soon more profit. Lonely insect is considered a good omen if it does not show aggression. Embittered insect symbolizes the envious person or an enemy.
If a wasp or bee brought the honey to you in a dream, such a dream can be a sign heralding the pregnancy.

Bees or wasps in the comb – a very good sign. Your work will be definitely appreciated. It is likely that in the near future you will receive an award or commendation from his superiors. If you are in search of work, perhaps very soon you will have the chance to do interesting work.

If a bee or wasp sting

If in the dream the bee or wasp to sting you, then a proper interpretation of the dreams, you need to remember the location of the bite. Attack lips, nose and eyes is considered a sign that in real life you behave too arrogantly or even provocative. Bites on the body betoken a possible argument or unpleasant conversation.
If you dream you are diligently trying to remove a wasp or bee out of your hair, then in real life your life will be filled with many pleasant troubles.

If you only have a swarm of bees attacking, but you don't feel pain from the bites, the reality is that you need to achieve your goal immediately. Let luck pass you because of the slightest hesitation.

Indifferent bees and wasps

For businessmen swarm is a favorable sign, heralding the successful completion of deals and lucrative contracts. A hive in this case portends still and wealth. Bees or wasps crawling on the hand or body is a sign of luck and implement long-standing plans. If you dream of a swarm of bees, but the insects are completely indifferent to you, in real life you encounter many unplanned chores, trips or events will need to visit.

Dead wasps or bees in a dream portend the loss. It may be separation from a loved one, quarrel with friends or monetary losses. The scale of the losses can be determined by the number of insects.

If dreamt a wasp

Wasps, seen in a dream, have significantly changed the interpretation of dreams. These insects symbolize the persons with whom you hate to talk in real life. Sorry to abandon such meetings will not always be possible, so soon you'll appreciate the restraint and calm.