The most valuable thing in the aloe plant – the leaves. They are fleshy, juicy, filled with slightly yellow juice. The leaves contain essential oil, anthraglycosides, enzymes, minerals and amino acids. Also the plant is impregnated with polysaccharides, salicylic acid, phytoncides and other useful substances, which gave the plant antibacterial properties. To prepare a healing juice from the aloe, you need to remember that a health effect can be obtained from the leaves 3-5-year-old plants. Use aloe allowed at any time. The highest concentration of nutrients in the plant is accumulated by the autumn months of the year.
To obtain a greater effect from the aloe plant, remove the lower and middle leaves, the ones that made up more than 15 cm Then rinse the leaves with warm water, dry. On a cutting Board slice the plant in the amount of 30 g Slices can be arbitrary. Fold the cuts into the container of blender, add ¾ Cup of drinking water. Treat the composition with a mixer, leave to stand for 1 hour. To endure the appointed time, heat the mixture on low heat. Bringing the composition to a boil, remove from heat, cool. Then strain through cheesecloth. The resulting liquid gargle at least 3 times a day. After the procedure do not consume food and water within 30 minutes.
Aloe Vera juice can be prepared with warm milk. For this you will need 1 teaspoon of aloe juice and 100 ml of milk. In warm milk dissolve the juice. Take the drink 30 minutes after rinsing. This tool will speed up the recovery.
Rinsing to be effective, you need to perform this procedure correctly. For this, gaining a small amount of liquid, put your head back a little. Try to pronounce the letter "a" or "s", it helps to lower the root of the tongue. With such a technique, perform gargling, throat well-washed treatment solution.
For those who have no allergic reactions to honey, use it in preparing a gargle for the throat. Prepare a 2-3 piece of aloe and 1 teaspoon of honey. Make juice of leaves, mixed with honey. Take the mixture 3 times a day on a teaspoon. This combination will accelerate the process of anesthesia sore throat.
Treating sore throat aloe, remember that this plant with caution should apply to pregnant women. It is not advisable to use the plant for medicinal purposes in the late stages of pregnancy. For people who are prone to bleeding, these procedures should be performed with caution.