The need for radical actions of the doctors appears in the cases where labors is reduced or the fetus in danger. Doctors can dissect the perineum or impose forceps. Sometimes it takes a vacuum extraction. The vast majority of expectant mothers feared the imposition of forceps. There is a perception that this method of childbirth leads to physical injury of the child.

You should remember that the doctor will never take up the tongs if the injury will take place. However, there are situations, when the forceps is necessary. Otherwise, the kid might just die. It so happens that the generic is suspended at a time when the head of the crumbs is already in the pelvis. In this situation, the heart of the baby gradually stops beating. And if the doctor does not take up the forceps, then the child will die. In such a situation to caesarean section will not running. Because the fetus is in the pelvis, not the abdomen.

The doctor may resort to both forceps and vacuum extraction. These operations are carried out only by professionals with experience in their implementation. Attempts to replace forceps and vacuum extraction facilitates the woman attempts. Such methods of delivery are often used in cases where a lady is suffering from hypertension or heart disease. Vacuum and forceps does not injure the child. Sometimes doctors cut the perineum because her muscles clamp hangers sometimes crumbs. A similar operation can be done in that case, if there is a risk of rupture of the perineum. If a woman comes premature birth, it is to do without a dissection of the perineum is practically impossible.

If the doctor told you that without surgical intervention is necessary, do not be afraid. You need to take it easy. After all, the doctor just wants to ease the process of childbirth.