You will need
  • - breast collection
  • urological collection
  • - activated charcoal
  • - Cahors
  • - med
If you have enough time on the meds, and the cough persists, you need to stop taking medicines, as they already begin their harmful effects.
To dry cough disappeared, it is necessary to translate in the wet, with expectoration. To do this, you need to brew herbal teas and take, alternating breast and urological a day, once a day. Breast collection promotes liquefaction of sputum and urological helps to remove all unnecessary from the body.
Every should take 2 tablets of activated charcoal for purification. A complex massage of the back and chest with a Pat promote drainage of the respiratory system and coughing decreases. Very good to massage with honey, then the pores of the skin are cleansed, and the honey draws out all the junk that has accumulated in the body.
On the feet are biologically active points, so the massage of the foot on the system su-Jok contributes to more rapid recovery from all diseases. This is good to use a special spiked roller.
Good drainage of the bronchi can be achieved if daily 2 times a day for 1-2 minutes to walk on all fours. The bronchi dilate, the expectoration is easier moving away and coughing decreases.
Daily intake at night to 1 tablespoon of Cahors with a small amount of honey improves blood circulation, warms the whole body, helps drain bronchial tubes and soothes the nervous system, the cough calms down and disappears.
Treatment of dry cough folk remedies quite effective and safe for the body. Using herbs and massage can get rid of the cough in a short time and become a completely healthy person.