Storage card "Letual"

A member of the club, "Letual" becomes every customer who makes a purchase in the amount of 399 rubles. You can buy any product, but it must be paid as a lump sum. When reaching the desired amount, the seller will ask you to fill out a questionnaire that identifies your personal data. The storage card is given to you together with payment of the goods.

The essence of the card is to provide you with a fixed discount on all future purchases. The amount of the purchased goods accumulate, and when you reach a certain level your card is changed to the new discount level. The conditions of the program you are awarded in the form of a booklet along with a map.

The balance of your savings card you can test with a special SMS service or personal account on the official website, "Letual". All news and information about current promotions, club members receive on their mobile phones and email.

The types of cards "Letual"

A program of cumulative discounts changed repeatedly. At the moment in the shops "Letual" you can become the owner of one of the four varieties of club cards.

When purchasing goods in excess of 399 rubles, you are eligible for "Ruby map that gives you a fixed discount of 10% on all purchases. If you buy goods in the amount of 3000 rubles, you become the owner of the Sapphire card", which implies a 15% discount. Upon the payment in the amount of 15,000 rubles, you will receive a 20% "Amethyst card" and 25,000 rubles – "diamond card".

Please note that if you have the storage card "Letual" the old model, then when making the next purchase, you can have it exchanged for a new option. All bonuses are not lost, but transferred.

In addition, some goods are sold in the shops "Letual" stock, sometimes not included in the program of cumulative discounts. Such products are usually sold at special discounts, and stands out with bright price tags.

Club "Letual" was created not only to provide discounts to regular customers, but also to identify their needs. Often products that are very popular among the fair sex, exhibited on the shelves of special promotions, you can buy them at very competitive price.