You will need
  • - the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation,
  • - its substitute document (with photo),
  • - card number.
Go to the nearest store, "L'etoile". This should be done as soon as possible after discovery of the loss. Responsible seller will be able to carry out the procedure of restore discount card. For this you will need to present a passport or document with a photo to replace it.
Go to the official website of the network of shops "L'etual" in that case, if the discount card was a gift. "L'etoile" you can give your discount card to other customers, to give them and to borrow. However, to register a discount only on presentation of a passport. Therefore, the loss of someone else's cards can be difficult to identify the owner.
Contact the person in whose name were registered the card. The giver should contact the nearest division of the network "L'etoile" with your passport and carry out the recovery procedure yourself. In that case, if the donor is in another city, you can also contact him with a request to contact any of the local stores the company network, and then send a new card in the mail. The deadline for registration of new card can take several days, but most often professionals store immediately replace a lost or stolen card.
Use the service of free call center network of shops "L'etual" in that case, if you remember the password discount card. Tell the operator that you want to renew the card of the giver on ourselves. When you do this, be sure to mention that now the card is lost, re-registration is necessary for obtaining of its duplicate. After the procedure your personal data entered into the database of the company network, and you will be able to renew it on behalf of the owner. It should be remembered that this method may be known to people who found a lost card. So discount all the accumulated funds may go to a third party. To avoid this, do not hesitate to restore discount card.