The concept of "secondary housing" has long etched in the memory, but not always it has the correct meaning. Actually is any living space, be it apartment or house, held the transaction of purchase and sale and was registered in someone else's property. In other words, if you purchase a property, the first owner, you already precisely will not. It should be noted that the secondary housing is not always characterized by the presence of tenants, since more and more people invest their savings in building from the outset. On completion of the chosen apartment becomes the property of the first owner who did not plan to live in it. But the status of primary residence this property to wear.

The acquisition of a secondary property has its positive and negative sides.

The benefits of second homes

Usually new buildings are assigned not landscaped, new areas of the city, which has its own infrastructure. Purchasing secondary housing, you can before purchase to select any suitable area. The range of this kind of property a lot more in contrast to the range on the primary housing market. Prices on the secondary market are different, it depends on which area is apartment, house, area and condition of the structure. In the center of the city, of course, prices will be higher than in the suburbs.

If you get a secondary living space, then you can live in it, in contrast to the new buildings. Everything else, when buying such houses, flats much easier to get a mortgage, as this type of housing is subject to almost all types of mortgage loans.

Disadvantages of second homes

Among the disadvantages of purchasing secondary housing we note the following: there is a risk of acquiring a "masked" house, apartment after a good cosmetic or even major repairs. Some time after his purchase, you might do renovation, change the tube, battery, and make other significant investments, and it turns out that the structure is in disrepair and virtually impossible to sell. In addition to the other, it may be that and live in such a house if not dangerous, it is not comfortable by far.

Therefore, when buying this type of housing (apartment blocks), it is necessary to ask the relevant organizations if there are any shortages of heat, water and other utility problems. Also useful are the reviews of neighbors who can see all the flaws of the building.

If you want to buy second homes and have no legal knowledge in this field, in order to avoid some of the risks independently engage in the purchase of real estate is not recommended. The living space may not have a perfect past (different trial), not issued to residents and even to be resold repeatedly to disguise the various factors. In addition, currently, the real estate market has a large number of scams, so it is best to contact the Agency (realtors) that will check the housing for "clean" and check the owner, and will also help in legally correct registration of the transaction of purchase and sale. To save on legal support of transactions with real estate, not worth it, because the rejection of their services may be more expensive.

Most people prefer to buy second homes, because the primary real estate market prices are much higher and the availability of housing at any stage the construction becomes less attractive due to the high probability of cheating by unscrupulous developers and due to possible delays in commissioning.