Comfortable housing

The concept of "comfortable housing" is clearly defined by the legislator in article 89 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation. According to this rule, such premises shall strictly comply with all health, fire, environmental, and other technical requirements, which prescribes the law, and strictly geographically located within the boundaries of a particular city or village. Determination of the degree of livability of the home is crucial in urban planning practice and other issues of enforcement.

The criteria for determining the degree of comfort

Determining livability space, you should consider the conditions of the locality where it is located. The main elements of livability is the availability of basic amenities and appropriate communications. It is heat, electricity, water and sanitation conclusions. Also take into account technical features such as layout, the presence or absence of garbage chutes, Elevator shafts, year and material of construction. Even the location of the object in urban areas is of great value – it takes into account environmental conditions, the presence of large enterprises, the development of transport infrastructure, and proximity to social facilities.
In the case of resettlement of citizens who are tenants of public housing, in return, should be allocated the same room. This also applies to sanitary-technical condition, and size of the house.

On the basis of article 89 of the housing code, in determining the livability of housing should take into account its sanitary condition. Overall, any housing must comply with the requirements of article 15 housing code, and these requirements apply to the entire housing.
The concept of "comfortable housing" contain the laws of the countries of the former Soviet Union. Nowhere in the world this definition just there.

In Russia there is a big gap between living standards in the city and in the countryside. The above requirements are enforceable only in large cities, especially in Metropolitan areas, where the level of comfort is quite high. In contrast, in the villages, especially with private, one-storey buildings, the criteria used to determine the degree of livability, is much lower.