Today, the market is more mobile, this is due to the large variety of options, lower prices, loyalty credit programs. But the risks of buying such housing is incomparably greater than when buying an apartment already lived-in house. The main issue arising from the purchase of apartments in the building, is honesty and financial stability of developers and investors. The best purchase is the purchase of apartments only in a newly built house, on the level of the pit. And even though the contract clearly specified the timing of putting the house in operation, in fact, it often happens non-compliance. Okay we were talking about a couple of months of delay, construction is sometimes delayed for years. And developers do not bear any sanctions. Buying real estate in these homes, gather information on the company-Builder. Now on specialized forums people willing to share their experiences. Also you should not confuse big name co-investors in the construction. Cases when invested serious corporations, and renting the house was a serious delay, not uncommon.

Another serious disadvantage of the new buildings include the quality of housing. Because now houses are built with lightning speed, errors in the construction can not be avoided. And the first surprises we can expect in the first year of residence. During the natural shrinkage of the house, you may encounter a broken ceilings, hunched flooring and cracks in the plastic Windows. And this pattern can be observed for several years. If this prospect doesn't scare you, the benefits of purchase a new housing, and good.

Slightly more difficult is buying apartments on the secondary market. For the transaction of purchase and sale of the apartment must be free of encumbrances. So no one needs to be prescribed, it shall not be in pledge at Bank, it should not be seized by the court (due to overdue payments on the loan, cancelled transactions, etc.). A check of these options is actually not that simple. That's why when you buy an apartment almost always have to turn to realtors and, therefore, to pay quite a large sum for their services. Realtors have the ability to check the legal purity of the property sold. But the risks still remain.

The advantages of apartments on the secondary market is the fact that you probably don't have to do a rough repair from scratch (although the condition of the apartments is different). This is perfect for those who want to immediately go to a new home. After all, repairs to the building can drag on for years, and will have to spend money solid. You'll know who your neighbors are, how much you have to pay for utilities and what services to expect from a management company.