Loafers: the history of

Moccasin is a lightweight, comfortable shoes made of leather or suede. Since ancient times, the moccasins were traditional footwear of North American Indians. They usually were made of animal skins, particularly bison and, later, deer or elk.

Vintage moccasins were not only comfortable, warm and durable, they are still well protected the feet from sharp rocks and prickly cacti, as well as from the bites of snakes and insects.

Soon, the loafers have gained popularity and the colonists. In the modern wardrobe of loafers appeared officially in the 30-ies of the last century. Currently is very common footwear worn by both men and women.

Loafers – shoes for the comfort

Contemporary moccasin is a comfortable summer shoes made of leather or suede. They are usually made from calfskin or deerskin. For fans of exotic there are models made of skins of wild boar, pony, alligator or Python.

The moccasins are sewn with a special technology: the leather upper is stretched from the bottom on the Shoe, and the top sealed open seam. The sole is usually flat, sometimes there are models with a small heel. Moccasins with knobs on the soles first proposed firm TOD's. This model is convenient and beautiful plus performs foot massage, removing the accumulated fatigue.

The moccasins are decorated with beads, lace, embroidery, piping, and various inserts of a different material. This Shoe comes in different colors and has one fundamental difference — the outer seam. There are men, women and youth options, as well as models in the style of unisex. The most well-known brands, producing modern loafers are TOD's, Giorgio Armani, Alberto Guardiani, Gucci and others.

What to wear with moccasins

Suede loafers go well with a set of lightweight pants and sports jacket. Young people prefer loafers in sports and semi-sports style.

Penny is a moccasin with lining on the tongue. They are available in black or red-brown color, have a small heel and are usually worn without socks.

One of the most popular models of the moccasin are "Beefroll" company Sebago. They are recommended to wear with a dark classic suit.

Brand TOD's moccasins with knobs on the soles gained a lot of love and in women and men. Such a model is in the closets of ordinary people, movie stars and even members of Royal families. They are usually worn without socks and they are suitable for almost any type of clothing.