You will need
  • Portfolio;
  • phone;
  • - visa;
  • - the passport;
  • - cash;
  • - international certificate;
  • - the statement;
  • - passport;
  • - letters of recommendation;
  • - computer and Internet access.
Contact the center for international education at the place of residence. Only in this case you will enter Czech University more likely. Look for independent decisions without knowing the specifics, it would be extremely difficult. A great option for students of the linguistic center "Interlingua", which is already in dozens of Russian cities. Call the receptionist, it appeals to their desire to study in the Czech Republic and come to the meeting with the staff of the center.
Get a passport and visa. A passport is issued within two weeks of the Department of internal Affairs of the city. The visa must be done several months before departure to the Czech Republic. You explain everything in detail, based on your situation. Next, you will present the list of available universities and professions, which you can do the study. As a rule, there are plenty of free budget places in Charles University in Prague. Choose what you like to study. Fortunately, such opportunities are very much in the Czech Republic.
Pass the international language test. In Czech universities, there are two courses: native language and English. The first option is free for all students. The second, too, although there are exceptions. You are sure to proceed, you need to be fluent in either Czech or English. For the second option you need to pass an international IELTS test and get at least 5.0 points on the academic scale. Pass courses of preparation for this exam and get a certificate with the score.
Enlist financial support. Despite the fact that for foreigners there are subsidies for education, the Czech government does not provide them with accommodation, meals and social insurance. Although Czech universities is a system of payment of grants for any successes in the Institute. But this may not be enough to stay in the country. Therefore, no harm will be €200-300 for the first few months. Then a foreign student will be able to get a job and provide for himself.
Prepare and send all necessary documents. Before the visa requirements make detailed portfolio, which should include: photos, a statement, secondary school certificate, IELTS certificate and all letters of recommendation. Send all members of the Czech University and wait for the call to the country.