Risk group

Contrary to popular belief, that varicose veins is a disease of the elderly, it often occurs in young mothers after the birth process.
The risk group includes people with a genetic predisposition. If one of the parents has problems with varicose, then there is a high probability that it will go to the children.
Varicose veins manifests in the weakening of venous valves which needs to push blood in one direction – from the bottom up.

Varicose merciless to people of any status in society. And one of the main factors contributing to its occurrence, is the low physical activity. But with varicose veins you need to fight. Most importantly, time to start to heal.
To varicose veins can cause a sedentary job, lack of walking and physical activity, the constant drive and, of course, overweight.


The treatment of any disease in the early stages successfully many times. The signal to start action is received, if you notice small blood veins on the legs. Prevention of varicose veins will be exciting, because it carries a review of all areas of life, this is a great chance to change. Need to move more, to exercise, to wear a compression garment and keep your weight. Also recommended frequent douche. All this will make the walls of the veins more elastic and firm.

Medical treatment

Upon detection of visible changes in the shape of veins and feelings of constant fatigue in the legs should turn for help to the doctors.

Unconditional advantage of technology development was the opening of a variety of methods of treatment of varicose veins. The percentage recovered from this nasty illness is growing every year.

There are at least three painless and advanced treatment of varicose.

- Sclerotherapy - spike of the patient's vessel using a specially administered drug, which causes further absorption of the area of Vienna.
Nano-machinery allows the treatment of the advanced methods: laser and radio waves without a trace.
- Surgery to remove the disabled vein is a common manipulation.

Such methods of treatment today completely painless and allow you to recover from them promptly. The cure of varicose veins today is a reality, but like any other disease, it does not tolerate delay and careless attitude.