You will need
  • - compression tights and socks;
  • - toystory veins creams and gels;
  • - decoction of hop cones;
  • - a decoction of Arnica and walnut crust;
  • honey and garlic;
  • - potato juice;
  • - Apple cider vinegar.
Wear special compression stockings and socks. They contribute to the compression of the walls of the dilated veins and increase blood flow reduce swelling.
Varicose expansion of veins on the legs need to be treated using special gymnastic exercises to improve venousoutflow osnago. In the supine position raise legs up and roll the pedal an imaginary bike. Do the exercise "birch".
When you are sitting, try to keep legs elevated to facilitate venousoutflow osnago. Substitute a foot Ottoman or a small chair. If you have a sedentary job, use a special roller – roll his feet under the table. This exercise will improve blood circulation.
Use a contrast shower. This pleasant procedure tone veins, makes veinsosnow wall elastic.
Avoid visiting saunas, baths and steam rooms. Refrain from hot baths.
Wear comfortable shoes with a low heel. High heel gives the calf muscles to work fully and it is a kind of pump. When walking the calf muscle, Contracting, pushes the veinsosnow blood from the veins of the lower extremities, providing its outflow and preventing congestion in veinsof feet Ah.
Be sure to use special tonizator veins - creams and gels that you can purchase over-the-counter sections of pharmacies. They will not give quick relief, but with regular use you will have a very significantvention a positive effect on the condition of the veins.
Keep an active lifestyle. This has a positive effect on the General condition of the body.
Use the recipes of traditional medicine. Receiving a decoction of hop cones, a decoction of Arnica and nut crust, a mixture of honey and garlic or lotion potato juice, rubbing Apple cider vinegar will have a positive effect on the condition of the veins in the legs.
Modern medicine offers advanced the elimination of varicose veins by means of sclerotherapy or laser therapy. In sclerotherapy in veinshave injected the drug, causing the veinsto stick together. If laser veinand stick together under the action of laser radiation. The blood flow is redirected to deeper veins.