Art body painting

Bio-tattoo, or mehndi came from North African and South Asian countries is relatively recent, but very quickly became popular and stylish decoration of the body. Mehndi do with the help of special chemical composition or henna, which is not injected under the skin with a needle, and is applied to the surface of the skin with a special brush. Application of bottomrule, depending on the complexity of the design, takes only 1-2 hours. It keeps the skin from two weeks to a month.

Natural henna is the oldest cosmetic derived from the leaves of lawsonite and used by the ancient Egyptians.

The procedure for applying bio-tattoo is completely hygienic and painless, when it is impossible to get infected in the body or damage the skin. In addition, henna has skin beneficial and can even cure certain skin diseases. After application to the skin of the Cinchona paste, it dries for 2 hours, then carefully scraped. The skin is a pattern that should not be wet with water during the day.

The advantages of bio-tattoo

Bottomrule is hypoallergenic and completely safe for health. It can be quickly upgraded or changed to another picture. The pattern of henna is resistant to water, making bio-tattoos can be applied in the beach season. Also Mendy has beauty and originality – it is possible to apply different colors, sequins, paint and technique. The cost of bio-tattoo is much lower than the cost of a regular tattoo.

Remove this picture at once impossible to wash it out only a few days of active money.

Longer to maintain the bio-tattoo, you should follow some rules for the treatment of mehndi. The area of the body pattern, do not RUB with a loofah or make it peel. The drawing do not RUB lotions, containing alcohol – it will blur the tattoo. Also contraindicated mehndi saunas and steam baths high humidity and temperature. Harmful Cinchona drawing and whitening creams that will deprive its beautiful saturated color.

To get rid of the boring bottomrule, the skin needs a few times a day to clean the house or purchased scrub. Also scrub can complement a cleansing shower gel or soap with which to wash the area with a pattern. Great help to remove bio-tattoo alcohol or folk remedies for skin lightening – for example, lemon juice, cucumber or infusion of parsley root.