How old is the lady, "middle-aged"?

Visitors of online communities and forums Dating sometimes discussions are on the topic of what age can be called "Balzac". Usually women insist that such a definition refers to the period of 30-40 years.

Most of the men in turn, believes that the lady "middle-aged" 40 years and older. The difference in the explanation of the meaning of this expression is largely determined by how people understand the concept of "maturity".

Some of his contemporaries, familiar with foreign prose and biography of classics, confident that in this matter we bear, how old was the first mistress of the young Balzac. However, there is no consensus. The fact that in different publications, articles about the personal life of the writer identifies different facts.

Some authors insist on the fact that as a young man, Honore was having an affair with 42-year-old woman, while others claim that she was 53 years old. Therefore, the attempts of the definition of "middle-age" leads to confusion. So how much was she: 42 or 53? In fact, both versions are wrong.

"Balzac age": a little history

In 1842 the French writer honoré de Balzac published his novel "the woman of Thirty". This work focuses on the sublime sense of "forbidden love", as contrasted with the primitive co-existence in marriage. The novel by society, the response that made the author more popular.

Today, few people would call a 30-year old woman. Recent statistical studies confirm that at this age women become the most sexy. In addition, the ability to care for their appearance, combined with an active lifestyle make modern ladies are irresistible, and in a much more Mature age.

But we should not forget that the woman in Balzac's era were powerless creature. Her life passed in a confined space between children, kitchen and Church. A good marriage was able to make her happy. The girl believed a prospective bride to 18-19 years. At 20 years of age and older her chances of marrying are significantly decreased.
Unmarried 30-year-old woman few people interested, and its existence lasted very monotonous.

But family life at the time too, rarely anyone has been favorable. Because in marriage the most important issue was financial, the young bride usually remained only an additional Annex to the contract. The wife is deprived of the right to their own opinion, became in the hands of the husband living toy.

A married woman 30 years in middle-age was considered old. However, she was able to Shine at balls in elegant dresses, emphasizing the high status of her husband.
A married woman was allowed to be attractive to other men, but with one important condition: it must have been for them to be available.

Nice upbringing, natural intelligence, broad Outlook, erudition and sad need to be the property of the husband, who absolutely does not care about satisfying the emotional, sexual and spiritual needs of his wife – such is the sad fate of the heroine of Honore.

Thus, the correct answer to the question "Balzac age is how much?" - after thirty. Women of this age were particularly fond of this French writer. According to Balzac, the lady at the age of 30 years matured spiritually and physically harmonious family relations. However, in the conditions of bourgeois society she was forced to grow old before their time and fade in a marriage with an unloved husband, or to lead a double life in fear of exposure. Fortunately, those days are long gone.