Age features of the person

If we talk about the external signs, the easiest way to determine a woman's age by her neck and chest. Since the skin in these areas is delicate and thin, it is very much sensitive to negative external influences, and age leave quite noticeable marks.

Wrinkles on the face – the result of actions of muscles of the neck the muscle weakens from lack of any movement. That is why the skin on the neck relatively early fade. So if you see imperfect, slightly sagging skin on the neck, this may indicate that its owner celebrated its thirtieth anniversary or close to it.

Eye also allow to approximately determine the age of the female. In the eye there is important oil glands that makes the skin in this area is vulnerable to negative environmental influences. Wrinkles, puffiness, circles under the eyes – all this suggests that you're not twenty-year-old girl.
Of course, there is always the opportunity to learn the age of the woman through social networks, but usually your age honestly indicate only very young girls.

How else to know the age of the girl?

If we talk about other features of appearance, it is necessary to mention the differences in the use of cosmetics. So girls seventeen to twenty years usually prefer the bright, artsy makeup. After twenty years of girls with makeup trying to emphasize the features of your face, not hide it behind makeup. For thirty years women sometimes come back to a more vivid make-up that allows them to hide emerging wrinkles and attract men's attention.

Clothing, too, we can assume the age of the woman. A young girl trying to Express myself through bright clothes difficult or strange cut, plus they often choose complex, unusual hairstyles. A girl of twenty years trying to look older and solid, so their wardrobe and hairstyles are classic and natural. Women thirty years, as a rule, perfectly shape your image and look more sophisticated. Besides, in the guise of a thirty-year women can often see something unique, inherent only to her.
List of interests on social media also allows you to make a fairly accurate assumption about the age of the girl. Than her older, more logical and uporyadochenie such lists.

Of course, women of all ages can and should learn in different places. For example, young girls prefer loud clubs where you can dance plenty. Twenty girls, choose the most interesting and prestigious clubs, where you can make useful contacts. Thirty years and prefer the cozy, quirky establishment.