Prepare liver for cooking

Housewives often not taken to prepare meals from the liver due to frequent failures. It happens that the liver turns hard, bitter, dry, or indigestible stringy membranes. In order to avoid these unpleasant moments in the final dish liver it is recommended to prepare.

For this it must be thawed and free from films. On defrosted the liver to do this quite easily. In order to get rid of the rigidity of raw liver soaked in milk for about an hour. This cooking trick will make the liver tender and soft, plus it practically will save the meat from the bitterness inherent in pork and chicken liver in particular.

If the recipe is supposed to broiling, it is initially hard and rough beef liver cut into pieces, RUB with baking soda and allow to soak for about an hour, then well washed. This study option is much more effective than soaking in milk, but especially for beef.

Quick recipes

If the liver is pre-treated in accordance with the tips above, it is not difficult to make from her a couple of meals in a hurry. The most simple variant - fried liver with onions.

For this dish the meat is cut into portions with a thickness of about of an inch, salted and sprinkled with ground black pepper. Meanwhile, in a frying pan in vegetable oil passiruete onions cut into rings. When the onions become characteristic Golden color, with a slotted spoon, you should put it on a plate. Further, the chunks of liver are fried in the remaining oil in a hot pan. This process takes about five minutes of frying on each side. Prepared the liver is decomposed on the plates and sprinkle with previously toasted onion and greens.

Another option for rapid cooking of the liver involves roasting with subsequent quenching in sour cream. The previously prepared liver cut into small pieces and fry with chopped onion in vegetable oil. Then added a tablespoon of flour and a few tablespoons of sour cream. If necessary (if the sauce didn't cover the liver) can pour a little hot water. The dish is cooked under a lid for about 15-30 minutes and served with a garnish. For a side dish perfect mashed potatoes. Before serving, decorated with greenery.