You will need
  • - Photoshop,
  • - file format jpg.
Open the file in Photoshop with the command "Open" ("Open") of menu "File" ("File"). Can use the keys “Ctrl+O”.
Click the "hot-key "Alt+Ctrl+I" or click the "Image size"image Size" from the menu "Image" ("Image").
Reduce the file size. To do this, you can reduce the linear dimensions of the image, its resolution, or both at once. Select from the drop-down list the units that you use. These can be percentages, pixels, millimeters, centimeters, inches or points. Enter the desired value in the field "Width", "Height" and "Resolution" ("Width", "Height" and "Resolution"). Click "OK".
Save the reduced file under a different name, using the keys "Shift+Ctrl+S" or command "Save As" (Save as) from menu "File" ("File"). At this stage you can reduce the file size, increasing its compression. To do this, drag the slider in the "Image Options" ("Options images"), or type a numeric value in the "Quality" ("Quality"). The higher the value of parameter "Quality", the greater the final file size and Vice versa, the lower the quality the smaller the file size. Click “OK”.