You will need
  • - archiving tool.
If you are backing up images, open each of them alternately using the program Paint. Not producing with him any manipulation, save them in the original directory, replacing the previous one. Check decreased if the volume of the archived files. Typically, this procedure removes unnecessary attributes from images, significantly reducing their size (often even twice).
Open the program WinRar archiver. Using the menu button review, add the files you need. The parameters specify the maximum data compression. The backup procedure will take considerably more time than under normal conditions, however, the size of the resulting file will be much smaller. It is in any case will not harm your data and will not affect their quality.
Do repeat the previous operation. Place your files in a specially created folder before doing this. After the file is moved into it fully, click the right mouse button and select "add to archive". Also, specify the maximum compression of the files.
If the previous paragraphs weren't enough, try to split the archive into parts, while selecting the right size, putting it in bytes. Also there are listed separately some of the values for breakdown and subsequent recording on media with limited memory, such as CD-ROMs. It is much more convenient because I do not have to perform double backups of the same files as another and at the maximum compression time for this procedure will take plenty. Very often this method is used for uploading large files in forums, which limited the size of attachments.
If you are going to write the archive to disk, it is best to choose a slow record, she was the highest quality, and would not have to further waste time to copy the archive before extracting it files.