Upload a photo in Photoshop, and then adjust its color, saturation and contrast if necessary. Tratorious frame, open the menu Image -> Image Size to bring up a new window change the image size.
The window will display the original size of the original frame, which can be any. In order to change the size, enter your desired numbers in the fields Width and Height. The program automatically determines the proportional size of the frame, so it is enough to enter only the height or only the width of photos — for example, 800x600 or 1024x768.
After the file is reduced in size, open the File menu and select the option "Save for web". So, Photoshop yourself will optimize your photo for the network of publication and will not be reduced only to its real size, but the volume in kilobytes.
Select in the settings window when you save the item in JPEG High. Look at the size of the photos and if you're satisfied, click "Save". If the size does not suit, move right or left the slider settings, while the volume of the frame will not match the expectations.
Save the photo under a new name that better is to write Latin letters for the correct display on the Internet. Now you can publish it on any Internet site, and when uploading photos, even users with slow Internet channel will have no delays.