Proper diet

All sorts of "kefir", "buckwheat", "Apple" and other similar diets, limiting the human diet to a minimum, go into the past: people began to realize that they do more harm than good. Strict prohibitions in the food and limited menu really help to lose weight, but this effect does not last long and may cause health problems. Doctors, fitness enthusiasts and proponents of healthy lifestyle opposed to diets in the usual sense of the word and offer them proper nutrition. Diet, built on the foundations of a healthy and beneficial food, much better.

It is important to understand that the ideal diet for all people exists, it should pick up individually depending on the goals and state of health. Treat General recommendations as to a good sample, which should be complemented and supplemented in accordance with your requirements.

What can I eat on the diet?

There are different types of diets: some are forced to abandon dairy products, others are encouraged to reduce the amount of carbohydrates to a minimum, and others based on a separate feed. As a rule, most of the "Amateur" diets differ in severity, and limitations in them than the allowed foods, so many people have question – what do you have?

If you stick to the diet in accordance with the rules of a healthy diet, the answer to this question will be easier, listing prohibited products: everything else is possible. To exclude or to limit to a minimum all products containing refined sugar: it's all candy, fizzy drinks as well as ketchup, sweetened yogurt and curds. It is necessary to refuse from fat food to replace the fatty pork for beef or chicken Breasts have low fat cottage cheese or low fat sour cream, remove from your diet mayonnaise. Flour products also need to be deleted or replaced with products from whole wheat flour. Any meat products are banned – and if you really want, better to buy smoked meat. It is very important to give up any junk food: chips and other snacks, burgers and fries, pizza. The content of potatoes, white rice, coffee, and alcohol should be reduced in the diet to a minimum.

In this case, what can you eat? Instead of sweets – all sorts of dried fruit, a small amount of honey, fruits and berries. All of these products also contain fast carbs like sugar, so they are quite high in calories, but also eat them slowly and preferably in the first half of the day, when calories are burned faster. On a diet you can eat almost any cereal – buckwheat, oat, wheat, no added sugar, water or low-fat milk. Resolved pasta from durum wheat, instead of the usual rice – brown or wild. It is very important to provide your body with adequate amounts of protein – eat chicken or other poultry, beef any lean meat, cheese, legumes. Very important dairy products are for humans. Healthy fats need to take of marine fish and vegetable oils, and butter should be abandoned. Instead of bread you can eat cereal bread. And most importantly – there are many vegetables: if there are no contraindications, a diet you can eat any vegetables, except potatoes and corn.