Clearly define the vital rhythms of your body and its needs. Just within a few days write down all meals and snacks. This will allow you to understand at what time you feel hunger. You will understand how many times a day you need to eat and in what amount.
Plan your meals so that you are not bothered by hunger. Make a clear schedule of meals. Stick to a structured schedule. You don't have planned out meals, there are no nuts, pies and pastries. No snacks "for the company" and "on the road". During meals eat what you want. This step is required to accustom themselves to the clear mode. Gradually you will feel the need to snack is reduced.
But you can not limit yourself to drink. Just do not forget that the majority of carbonated drinks and fruit juices contain lots of sugar and very high in calories.
Now you must shift your diet to bind it to sleep mode. The last meal should be at least three hours before bedtime. If the pause you are tired, drink water, juice, low-fat yogurt.
When you get used to the new diet, you need to give up all drinks between meals, except water. The feeling of hunger is very often disguised as thirst. A few SIPS of water will allow you to hold the right time without food.
When a diet will cease to harass you and you can easily smile to resist all kinds of temptations at the wrong time, start to reduce portions.
Do not reduce the amount of portions with all meals. Start off with lunch. Take your time and do not decrease more than 10% at a time.
Use utensils smaller. Often you eat more not because they are hungry, but because they are accustomed not to leave food on the plate.
Chew slowly. Take your time while eating. The feeling of satiety comes in 10-15 minutes later than you get the necessary amount of nutrients. Think about how much you can eat until your brain will react.
Review your diet in accordance with the recommendations of nutritionists. For Breakfast better to eat foods rich in slow carbohydrates: porridge, cereal, bread. Need a little protein, for example, a boiled egg. Such foods will be slow to burn, gradually giving energy, and you can easily make it to lunch.
Lunch should be the heaviest meal of the day. You need fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Do not pass up the soups. Liquid food is enough space in the stomach, and you get fewer calories compared to the solid food of the same volume.
At night, the body is rebuilding wasted effort, for this it is necessary amino acids. Best choice for dinner - protein foods. It can be chicken breast, sea fish, low-fat cottage cheese. Do not use to garnish grains or pasta, the extra energy you don't need. Better eat a light vegetable salad.
If you can't resist a particularly delicious cake or a sandwich with smoked sausage, just increase the calorie consumption. Returning home, leave one stop early and walk. Discard the Elevator, walk the stairs – a great way to burn those calories that you have received. You need to understand in order to the slimming process is not delayed, the arrival of calories must be less than their consumption. Want to eat more high-calorie food, lead a more active lifestyle.