Strep throat in humans

People of different ages the disease can manifest itself in different ways, but if you have found a sore throat and temperature of someone in the household, he should provide bed rest and the best treatment. You need to engage patients, while poor health and sore throat is not passed in the final running stage. At first, a sore throat does not look too dangerous. You may first notice the usual sore throat, which, it seems, can be treated and using folk remedies. However, if a sore throat to run, instead of the reddened mucous membrane appears the risk of swelling of the neck and rashes directly on the tonsils, and these symptoms along with high fever can even lead to death.

How to treat a festering sore throat at home

Ordinary folk remedies is exactly the same as medicines, can have very significant and invaluable service in the treatment. In the middle ages people were aware of the fact that if you stop eating potatoes during infections, sore throat will be much faster. If you really can not do without potatoes, just try to make inhalation. To do this, you need to cook young potatoes and covering the head with towel, breathe on it while it is still hot and steaming.

Another equally effective remedy is garlic "suspension", which is so fond of to do moms to little children: for adults it is also useful.

Also popular decoction of chamomile, mixed with soda, it allows you to quickly pull to get rid of a sore throat. Swelling easy cure warmer, because it reduces the spasm.

High fever and purulent tonsillitis should be down, if it reached its peak of 38°C, before this threshold is anything but a cool bandage on his forehead, should not do, because in this way the body itself is struggling with the disease. If the thermometer showed above 38°C, should immediately apply rubbing a patient with vodka, as it not only throws heat, but also provides additional disinfection.

In addition to popular, is to use combined treatment. Doctors usually recommend the use of well-known drugs: "Kagocel", "Lissat and antibiotics.