One of the classes, which can interfere with menstruation is the Solarium. However, many women believe that the Solarium during menstruation is not only not harmful, but also useful. You can give arguments both for and against tanning in the condition.

Use of the Solarium

Psychological benefits of a visit to the Solarium during menstruation is not in doubt. During menstruation many women suffer from low mood or swings. In this case, a nice, soothing treatment will undoubtedly help to restore psychological balance.

Many women say that the warming in the tanning bed reduces pain in the abdomen and lower back that often accompany menses.

However, this merits a visit to the Solarium when menstruation ends. Doctors definitely do not recommend to do it, and with good reason.

The dangers of Solarium

Sunbathing in Solarium is not quite a safe procedure, its misuse even in the normal state can lead to unpleasant consequences – what to speak of menstruation, when the body is weakened. Particularly vulnerable at this time, the female organs: increased UV exposure can lead to the development of gynecological diseases and even infertility. Especially dangerous is the use of the Solarium during menstruation for those women who are already suffering from mastopathy, cervical erosion, endometriosis and other gynecological diseases. However, such women should not visit the Solarium.

We must not forget that Solarium – heating procedure, therefore, may exacerbate the bleeding. For this reason, during menstruation is not recommended to take a bath and visit bath. Even if in the Solarium ventilation works well, the skin is still heat in the sun.

The increased bleeding caused by the use of the Solarium, will inevitably worsen the General health, will cause increase or decrease in pressure.

As for the main purpose of the visit to the Solarium – beautiful sun, when menstruation is practically unattainable. Due to the unstable hormonal balance in these days the tan may be uneven.

If you still want to visit a Solarium in the critical days, you need to follow certain precautions.

You can go to the Solarium for 3-4 day periods, but in the first two days do not. 2 hours before the procedure and after 3-4 hours after it is necessary to take a shower. In the Solarium it is better to use the gasket and the pad. On my head to wear a hat, special nipples cover circles – stikine and eye protecting goggles, which are available in salons.

At the slightest deterioration of health from this procedure should be abandoned.