How to do warm-up cystitis

Warming cystitis does not kill pathogens, but rather contributes to its reproduction, so to cure the disease only in this way is impossible. However, this procedure relieves pain and brings temporary relief. Urologists recommend performing warm up at the first symptoms of cystitis (cramps and spasms when urinating), if only inflamed bladder and no temperature. Warming the lower abdomen strictly prohibited if you suspect a pregnancy, because of possible risk of miscarriage. These procedures are contraindicated in case in the urine appeared blood. For the same reason, it is impossible to do warm up during menstruation. At high temperatures, accompanying cystitis, it is necessary to abandon baths, saunas, hot tubs and other types of therapy, as this may aggravate the inflammatory process.

In the treatment of cystitis it is recommended to apply dry heat. You should take river sand and salt, heating the resulting mixture in a skillet until 38оС, pour the heated mixture in a fabric pouch and put on the lower abdomen for 20 minutes. After warm up you need to take a break for 30 minutes and then repeat the procedure. You can use the same way a bottle of warm water, electric or rubber bottle. One of the most effective methods of warming up with potatoes. You need to wash large tubers and boil them with the skin. Further boiled potatoes cleaned and mash with a fork. The resulting mash is spread on a cloth, wrapped and placed on the lower abdomen to cool the potatoes. To warm up cystitis best on the night. The minimum course length is 5 days, the main indicator is the patient's state of health.
Instead of a mixture of sand and salt to warm, you can use oatmeal.

Compresses, sitz baths cystitis

Cystitis is an effective compress on the lower abdomen. To prepare the mixture for the poultice, you need to take two drops of eucalyptus oil, two drops of juniper oil, one drop of sandalwood oil, half Cup of hot water. Procedure should be done three times a day for half an hour. Cystitis can bask in the warm foot baths. In water it is recommended to add mustard, decoction of herbs, essential oils coniferous wood.
After the procedure you need to wear warm socks and go to bed.

It will be useful warming up with hip bath with charges of urological herbs. We need to take five parts of borax hederacea, knotweed, horsetail, two parts of the celandine, the three parts of calendula flowers, mix well. You then pour a liter of water in three tablespoons of this collection, bring to boil, cool, strain and add water to the sitz bath.