Determine the causative agent
After diagnosis, you will undergo a survey which will determine the severity of the disease and the type of pathogen. Follow a comprehensive diagnosis depends on the speed and success of treatment.
Complete antibiotic therapy
Take the prescribed medicines regularly until the end of the course. If no improvement, consult a doctor and change the medication. Do not attempt to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment – refer to specialist for control and analysis of the state.
Restore the immunity
Spend more time in the fresh air, move. Engage in physical exercise, but try not to overstrain yourself. Full eat – be sure to eat dairy products, fresh vegetables and fruits. Ensure intake of vitamins in the body.
Prepare solutions for douching and orosite the vaginal mucosa
Disinfectant and anti-inflammatory drugs having a local action, so spansules daily, before bedtime. Make douching always before applying medicinal ointments and before use vaginal suppositories.
Refrain from sexual activity
Eliminate all contacts at the time of treatment, so as not to disrupt the recovery process.
Go physiotherapy
Laser treatment and method of magnetic induction, electrophoresis, and paraffin positively impact on the chronic processes in the pelvic organs. Ultrasound therapy facilitates the elimination of adhesions. Sign up for the procedure and go through all the stages of the treatment effect from physiotherapy will occur after some time.
Take a course of sanatorium-resort treatment
The need for rehabilitation increases in severe inflammation, so at the end of the therapeutic course should be restored. Pay attention to attend all the prescribed procedures, especially the mud.