You will need
  • - pain medication.
  • - warmer;
  • - parsley, cowberry leaves, plantain, corn silk.
To relieve acute pain, cystitis, take your pain medicines. Purchase at the pharmacy, those drugs, in testimony to the use which is an indication of cystitis and inflammatory processes, for example, "But-shpa" or Tsiston. Use these drugs only once during the day.
One of the best home remedies for pain in cystitis is a dry heat. Fill the heating pad or bottle with hot water (35-38оС) and apply to lower abdomen or pinch between your legs. Keep the heat source within half an hour, then take a break for 20 minutes and repeat the procedure for several hours.
In the absence of warmer, replace it with a pouch filled with calcined with sand or salt. Efficiency will not be reduced.
Good help for cystitis foot bath. Soak the feet for 10-15 minutes in hot water, then wipe dry, wear warm socks and lie down for half an hour.
Try the old "grandma's" remedy. Pour in a bucket of moderately hot water (the water can be added decoctions of herbs) and sit over the steam for five to seven minutes. Make a half-hour break and repeat the procedure. Then heat wrap the lower part of the body.
Use to relieve pain decoctions of medicinal herbs. Well for this the parsley leaves and cranberries, plantain, and corn silk. Prepare a decoction and use as a hot drink.
Eliminate from your diet irritating foods such as acidic, salty, spicy and alcoholic beverages.
Drink plenty of fluids, preferably mineral and ordinary water.
Do not wear tight clothes and underwear, as they can increase pain.
Take a warm shower, which will have not only a hygienic function, but will also facilitate the condition, caused by removing the cystitis pain. But from tubs, baths or saunas give up.
Wear warmer clothes and try as little as possible to go outside. Also completely eliminate swimming in pools or open water.
Distract yourself from thinking about pain. Make a relaxing massage, watch movie or listen to music. Switching myself for some occupation, you are so keenly feel the pain.