Scientific point of view

Experts say that the mortality rate of children under one year of age is a phenomenon that is unfortunately common. "Sudden infant death syndrome" can occur for a number of reasons. First, during pregnancy the girl who abused the bad habits, putting her future child at risk. Such habits can cause the baby above death. Second, this syndrome of infant death can occur as a result of a difficult birth. When in the womb, the foetus experiences hypoxia, a birth, the baby's lungs begin to incorrectly filter the air. The body is a malfunction of all organs, therefore hypoxia sometimes leads to death after birth.

A third reason for the sudden death of the newborn may be the wrong position of his body during sleep. Child in no event cannot be put to sleep on a soft fluffy bed, especially on the stomach.
The infant asphyxiation may result, and save it, nobody can.

If a child is emerging from one year old age is dying, cause of death in the first place, can serve as a disease that was not identified in the first stage of its development. Often parents are to blame for the death of his child.
Some are contemptuous of visits to the doctor, self-medicate own prescribed the medicines and diagnoses. In the end, the kid dies.

There is also medical negligence. The doctor either inexperience or careless attitude to his duties puts are not always the correct diagnosis or may not recognize the symptoms of a disease. In the end, the baby is assigned to the wrong treatment (or not assigned). In such cases, the death of a child remains on the conscience of such a "specialist".

A religious point of view

From the point of view of religion, the death of a baby occurs when it is necessary to cleanse the soul of all his relatives, because the baby is considered to be the Angel who sent to Earth by God. If its close and native people are very sinful or as committing sins for which I have not the slightest repentance, then the Lord to save their lost souls, sends the child to his assistant. When a newborn dies, the angel returns to God, the souls of his family.

If a child dies more than one year, from the religion of his death is the cleansing of the soul of the child. Once lived a person committed heavy sins, and when life began to repent, but repentance is not enough time, then the Lord sends him back to Earth, in order to extend his time for redemption. When the sins of the redeemed, spirit and soul goes up to heaven to be with the Lord.