The definition of tax arrears at the INN may be performed in several ways, the simplest and most expeditious of which is to register in "Personal Cabinet of the taxpayer". This service is available on the official website of the FTS of the Russian Federation (section "Information services"), but to access it you'll need to perform some preparatory actions. Then to obtain relevant information about the state budget settlements will be sufficient to go to the page of the service to enter their own tin and password or use the key of electronic signature. In practice, the service provides the taxpayer more opportunities than usual to obtain information about debts.

How to access the service "Personal Cabinet of the taxpayer"?

For remote information on debt the taxpayer should first obtain a password to access the service "Personal Cabinet of the taxpayer". The username for such access is the individual tax identification number of the citizen, specified in the certificate on INN assignment. Data for access to the service are issued on a special registration card, which you can get at any tax inspection on the territory of the country. If the taxpayer has previously issued the key certificate of electronic signature verification, to make further action is required, and to enter to the service using this certificate.

Alternative ways of obtaining information about the debt

As alternative ways of obtaining information about the INN are outstanding written and oral appeals to the tax inspection at the taxpayer's place of registration. Relevant information may be provided to the citizen on the basis of a written request, registered in the office of inspection. You can also make a verbal request (e.g. phone call) a specialist of the relevant Department of the tax Inspectorate. Information about tax debt is confidential, therefore, to obtain its taxpayer generally offer come with a passport office. In this case, the presence was not a prerequisite, although the props are usually easier to find the right information specialist at the tax office.