It often happens that the teeth begin to break down. The reasons for this phenomenon are many. Perhaps this is due to the fact that earlier it was provided to non-professional dental care. For example, is not fully cured tooth decay. When the doctor removed not all affected areas of the tooth and sealed it, and after a certain time the disease re-emerged and began to destroy the tooth. Dental problems most happens in people of advanced age. The destruction and loss of teeth comes from the fact that with age, they become weaker. Also teeth can crumble and break due to the presence of human chronic diseases, such as arthritis, diabetes. Is that the reason for the metabolic disorders. There are more evident signs of this disease. For example, the teeth can break due to mechanical damage and injuries. When people often exposes them to very high loads: chewing nuts with hard shells, lollipops, opens the teeth of the tube on the bottle. Some types of fluorosis can also cause this disease. With the glut of fluoride teeth become brittle, leading to breakage. Often tooth decay complain and pregnant women. In pregnant women this problem comes from the fact that during this period, changing metabolism. The human body requires nutrients, not on one person, and two, and therefore severely depleted. The enamel of the teeth to become poorly mineralized, its structure is destroyed.Dental problems can occur in adults and the elderly but also in children. The child's teeth are covered with enamel is durable, but immunity still weak, which makes teeth of children are very vulnerable to tooth decay. Also, many children grind their teeth, that appear on their surface microcracks, which can get bacteria and various infections. Tooth decay can be a consequence of lack of calcium in the body.