Blood with cough may stand out because of an injury or illness. Even common colds can trigger the appearance of blood streaks in the mucus. And all because, all mucous membranes during disease swell and become irritated, and even a bit of a cough is able to cause disruption of small blood vessels.

Sometimes the blood along with the cough stands out and for very serious reasons. We are talking about tuberculosis, chest injury, pneumonia and cancers of the respiratory tract.

What to do at the first appearance of blood in cough

The first thing to do in this case is to seek qualified medical attention, especially if coughing up blood for the first time. The doctor must describe in detail the sight of blood in the mucus, the nature of the cough. Be sure to mention the following points if they have a place to be:

- the patient takes drugs that can cause bleeding (e.g., aspirin);
- the patient had pneumonia or chest trauma;
patient smokes systematically;
- there are other symptoms (pain and fever, vomiting and nausea, shortness of breath or difficulty swallowing);
- the patient passed a medical procedure, which could damage the mouth or respiratory tract.

When people have difficulty otraslevoe a large amount of blood, it is necessary to deliver it in medical institution. This symptom indicates a strong internal bleeding resulting from trauma.

How to avoid coughing up blood

In cases where the hospitalization or treatment of the patient is not required, you can think about how to avoid such severe irritation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. This aspect leads to the appearance of blood during coughing.

A few tips on how to keep mucous membranes of the lungs:
- leave cigarettes in the past;
- avoid contact with irritating substances;
- avoid polluted places;
- if necessary, use protective masks;
- avoid blood clots;
- do not forget every year to do a chest x-ray.

Remember: the appearance of blood in cough is a dangerous sign. May damage small vessels, but it is possible that is a symptom of a dangerous disease. Be sure to consult your doctor at the first appearance of blood in cough. Timely diagnosis and medical assistance will help you to preserve the health and sometimes even life.