Causes of itching in the lungs

Itching in the lungs may be accompanied by cough (dry or wet), rales when breathing. If the cough is moist, the expectoration of sputum itching usually subsides, with a dry cough itching can be almost constant. All are symptoms of bronchitis – inflammation of the mucous membrane covering the surface of the bronchi. In addition to cough, there may also be fever, weakness and breathing difficulties.

Also itching in the lungs can be caused by irritation of the Airways by dust, smoke, chemicals.
Often unpleasant sensation - "like a light itch and coughing complaining about smokers who have decided to give up the habit. This is due to the restoration of cough reflex and normalizes the secretion of the bronchial mucosa. With long-term Smoking nicotine suppresses the cough reflex, otherwise, each puff accompanied by a painful cough. When toxic smoke stops regularly to irritate the bronchi, the cough reflex is no longer suppressed, starts the process of cleansing the respiratory tract from accumulated resins. The discomfort is further amplified due to withdrawal symptoms caused by Smoking cessation, but usually pass within a week or two.

What to do when you feel the itching in my lungs?

If the itchy sensation in the lungs accompanied by cough, high fever, you will need to see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis and treatment. You may need to undergo chest x-rays or an x-ray of the lungs to rule out pneumonia and other serious diseases. Self-treatment of cough is not allowed. Appointing their own without the advice of a doctor or antitussive expectorants, you risk causing development of acute bronchitis or chronic inflammation of the lungs.

To relieve the condition before visiting the doctor can take special action to liquefy the accumulated phlegm in the lungs. First of all, you should humidify inhaled air and to eliminate the factors that cause the irritation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. Get a humidifier, but if this is not possible, ventilate the area where you are, do wet cleaning, hang around the room with wet towels. Help inhalation with saline, breathing exercises, but intense workouts it is better to postpone – physical activity may cause increased cough and worsening of General condition.

Try to increase the amount of fluids you drink, limit the stay in a dusty environment and out in the street. Smoking should be discontinued until full recovery.