Back pain after sleeping: causes

The reason for such pain can be very diverse, the first of them is a wrong and uncomfortable posture during sleep. But the fact that the prone position does not allow the human muscle to relax and take a rest.

Pain possible and in a favourite pose to sleep at night on your back. To the nervous and muscular system is fully rested, it takes a bit to lift the legs and bend them at the knees, then you need to put them under the pillow. This position will allow your lower back to relax. The result vivacity in the morning and no pain in the back.

If the posture of sleep correct, you should pay attention to your bed. Perhaps the mattress and pillow should be replaced. Eliminate back pain in the morning helps the mattress and pillow in a roller/bone.
In order for the first time to get rid of back pain, take pain and allow the muscles to relax, for example, lie in a hot bath with healing essential oils.

Both reasons are eliminated, but the lower back after sleep continues to experience pain? Maybe it's time to contact the experts: neurologist or traumatologist. Such sensations can be a symptom of degenerative disc disease that will require to reduce stress on the back and go through the treatment.

In addition, the problem with back pain may be associated with diseases of internal organs. Problems of the genitourinary, nervous, circulatory systems can cause the discomfort of this kind. Not to start a possible disease in the near future get tested in the clinic to determine the cause of the pain.

Prevention of back pain after sleeping

To back pain after sleeping has ceased to bother you, you should follow some rules:
- do a morning warm-up exercises, as it helps to bring the muscles in tone;
- more move day, especially if you're an office worker who spends all day in the computer chair;
- visit the pool;
- sleep on an orthopedic mattress which will allow your body to recuperate;
- avoid drafts, because the cooling of the nerves may lead to muscle spasms.
Swimming stimulates the muscles and prevents lumbar pain.

Adhering to a few simple rules of prevention, you can forget about back pain after sleeping will start to Wake up in a good mood and cheerful start to the day.