Causes of severe back pain

Back pain can cause dozens of reasons, among which the most common – musculoskeletal changes morphofunctional nature. What is it? In General, the classification of these diseases include degenerative changes in different parts of the spine, osteochondrosis, spondylosis, scoliosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Reiter's syndrome.
Even a simple flu can cause back pain. Prolonged use of pain medication does not bring the desired result. You should consult a rheumatologist and undergo a medical examination.

Often the back pain not caused by muscular-skeletal changes, and kidney diseases. This may experience a change in urination, to keep low-grade fever.

Tumors located in the retroperitoneal space, in the spinal cord and the vertebrae can also cause sharp pain in the lower back. Regardless of whether they are primary or secondary, the pain is intense and can not be removed non-narcotic analgesics.

Infectious diseases, epidural abscess, brucellosis, tuberculosis, circulatory disorders of the spinal cord are diseases that can be accompanied with various symptoms, including pain in the lower back. In addition, often back pain is associated with diseases of internal organs: pancreas, stomach, colon, pelvis.
1% of the patients who applied to the doctor about back pain detect cancer. The pain may be caused by primary tumors or metastases.

What if there was a sharp pain in the back

Is not necessary to determine the cause of the pain and self-medicate. New-onset sharp lower back pain – a reason to consult a doctor and undergo medical examination. Only on the basis of these results, we can start taking the drugs prescribed by a doctor.

Often with very severe back pain many people prefer to begin self-treatment and take painkillers. Remember, it is very dangerous. If lower back pain caused by, for example, perforated gastric ulcer, and you have taken non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent, can simply not manage to reach the intensive care unit. Therefore, it is important to call the emergency assistance in a timely manner to identify the cause of the pain and get expert medical help.